AC gives back

In shorts and sneakers they streaked down the field Saturday, battling each other for position as the ball spiraled toward them.

Coaches looked on, shouting occasional words of encouragement or instruction.

It might have been any high school or middle school summer camp, but it wasn’t.  The field was at the Strickland Youth Center, and the athletes were probationers in the Mobile County Juvenile Court system.

When former Williamson High and Auburn defensive end Antonio Coleman decided he wanted to do something to give back to his hometown, it was here that he felt he could do the most good.

“I just wanted to switch it up and not focus on high school 7-on-7 camps and things of that nature, but give back to the community and try to get out here and show guys there’s a different way to channel your anger than getting in trouble — channeling it to football,” Coleman said.

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