Hart puts AU back on list

It was kind of curious a few weeks ago how Dr. Phillips’ standout running back Dee Hart

dropped Auburn from his list of college choices due to the Tigers recruitment of two other running backs.

Hart was given the misinformation by someone who claimed to be a reporter for another schools recruiting site.  When told that Auburn had no commitments at running back, Hart explained they had verbals and weren’t releasing it yet, or so he had been told.  The information seemed real enough that Hart DQ’d Auburn and announced that his choice would be between Alabama and Michigan.

Auburn, in fact, still has no running back commitments and after talking to head coach Gene Chizik and other coaches, Hart has Auburn back on his list.

“I’m glad it got cleared up because they were always one of my favorites,” Hart said.  “And they told me I’m their guy so I’m going up there Aug. 28 with my uncle.”

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